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Announcing a New Class : How to Disagree Agreeably

How to Disagree Agreeably: Tools for Life’s Most Challenging Conversations If we are in relationship with anyone, we cannot avoid disagreeing. Everybody at some point has different thoughts than any other given person on the planet. It’s just the way God made us. Our differences are really intended to be a gift from God. This is why opposites attract. Yet, our differences also create challenges. The question is not how to avoid disagreeing but how to disa-gree and remain connected, in relationship together. read more…

How To Disagree Agreeably and Make Friends with Your Adversaries

How to Disagree Agreeably and Make Friends with Your Adversaries

In today’s overheated political climate, is it possible for two people with diametrically opposed political and theological views to have a civil conversation? Could they disagree with each other passionately and remain friends? Could they even clearly lay out their positions, challenge each other in the places they disagree, and still look for areas of common ground? To all of these questions, the answer is unequiv-ocally, “Yes.” How do I know? Because I do it with colleagues all the time.

Not Your Average Cage Fight read more…