Fishers of Men

Our partner in mission to Kenya. Through Fishers of Men ministries, we are saving the lives of impoverished children through school sponsorships. For more information, check out the link above.

Naomi Demmon at Hope Church in Romania

Naomi is our partner in missions in Draganeshi-Olt, Romania. Through Naomi and Hope Church we are sharing the love and Hope of Christ through the spreading of God’s word and improvement of peoples lives. For more information visit Naomi’s Blog or Hope Church.

VNA foot clinic and WIC

Our building is used for the VNS foot clinic and WIC. For more information visit VNS or WIC

Milestones Senior Meal program

Our partnership with Milestones Agency on Aging. Together, we provide seniors with lunch, community and friendship Monday through Friday.  For more information visit Milestones